MGD Detector

Part of the Preventive Series, the MGD (Multi-gas detector) is a detector designed for early fire detection and for monitoring harmful and hazardous substances in both industrial and public applications. The MGD is paired with the Eximio Controller, Quick Activating Water Spray, and often IR detectors. This device is known as the “electronic nose”, useful in storage or open applications. Firefly multi-gas detection is as follows: upon gas detection (demand), the control logic initiates activation by relaying the signal to the customer’s system. These are very sensitive sensors that recognize gases released at the beginning of a fire, detecting before visible smoke or flames.

Once the MGD detects gas, various types of activation can occur, such as water extinguishing into the process, CO2 extinguishing, diverting the material, stop of material flow with abortion gates, etc. The detector is comprised of MOS thick film technology which enables the detection of fire and hazardous events with high sensitivity on the basis of a wide range of gaseous fire decomposition. The MGD includes an array with six chemical gas sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. It uses data processing with artificial intelligence.

  • EN 60079 Certified
  • NFPA Approved
  • IP65


  • Long-Living MOS thick-film technology
  • Few to none false alarms
  • Signal pre-processing by specific algorithms
  • Alarm acknowledgment by Signal Pattern
  • Detection without visible smoke, flames or detectable heat
  • Permanent self-test
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