Spark Detection

Intelligent Spark Detection

Gas Detection

Multiple Gas Detection

Firefly AB’s Eximio system is the most innovative, intelligent solution for fire and explosion prevention

We are a global leader in explosion protection

For over 20 years CV Technology has partnered with Firefly AB to integrate superior prevention systems with our world class explosion protection solutions. The goal to provide our customers with complete explosion protection solutions.

Fire and Explosion Prevention

Spark Detection

A spark detection system is a preventative solution, used in order to detect ignition sources produced in a process as well as manage them before they can cause a fire or explosion.

Typical applications that use spark detection include dust collection, pneumatic conveying, milling, drying, sanding, cutting, and planer process.

Infrared spark detection is insensitive to daylight and capable of detecting both sparks and black body particles that may emit energy but not light.

Fire & Explosion Prevention

Gas Detection

Gas detection is a preventative technique to detect combustion at an early enough stage to manage the potential fire or explosion risk.