Interceptor Isolation Valves

Our isolation valves are all NFPA compliant and offer fail safe design. Explore the different options and fits below. Contact our team of engineers now to discuss the differences between these valves, your particular needs, or any other question you might have. We’re here to help you.


  • NFPA 69 compliant isolation pinch valve
  • Valve will close in milliseconds
  • Designed for use for pipeline handling combustible dust
  • Fail safe design


  • NFPA 68 compliant design
  • Designed to prevent explosion propagation from one vessel to another through interconnected piping
  • Air Operated
  • Remote monitoring of air supply


  • NFPA 69 compliant design
  • Valve can be configured to isolate in both directions
  • Passive valve with limited maintenance requirements
  • Ideal for use for light dust loading or clean air isolation applications

Interceptor®-FV® Isolation Valve

  • NFPA 69 compliant passive flap style isolation valve
  • Unique valve design that stays open even without airflow
  • Carbon and stainless steel versions
  • Less pressure drop compared to similar designs