Message From Martin Cvetas,
President of CV Technology

When we first opened our doors in 1994, CV Technology had a simple vision; provide a passive means of protecting against combustible dust explosions. The vision seemed simple enough at the time.

Provide a dust explosion mitigation solution that will keep a facility safe while not being obtrusive to the process. Our thought was if it is complicated and created maintenance headaches, one could simply bypass the protection altogether, and we did not want that to happen.

As we grew, we invested heavily in our people. We knew that by investing in our people, we would inherently expand our product offering and market presence. This allowed us to increase what we could protect while maintaining our initial vision; providing safety for the facility while keeping it simple. We were custom designing protection solutions based on our client’s needs rather than trying to implement one product into all applications.

Now, we pride ourselves on being your partner in combustible dust explosion safety. Whether you need continuing education on combustible dust, require dust explosion mitigation testing, need guidance on the latest codes and standards, or a solution to protect your facility, we have you covered. Each member of our sales staff has an engineering degree and take the time to meet with you, understand your needs, recognize your concerns, tour your facility, and design solutions that work for you.

CV Technology is a global leader in explosion protection. We recommend what is right, not necessarily what is easy. We demand excellence from ourselves and care about our relationships with our clients. Working together with you, we provide explosion protection solutions that keep your people and processes safe.