The First of it's kind...
We are proud to announce the Interceptor® -QV® a novel explosion isolation device. Based in the principles of flameless venting, this quenching system will revolutionize the way you care for clean air exhaust lines and clean air transfer lines. View Brochure

Slide Passive Isolation Device The core feature of the Interceptor® -QV® is the stainless steel mesh cartridge, which is based on the tried and true flameless quench tubes that we have been applying for over 25 years. At the core of the unit is the stainless steel mesh cartridge, which is located directly in the flow of clear air return.

If a deflagration propagates through the clean return line it will make contact with the mesh cartridge which will immediately and passively remove energy from the flame front of the deflagration as it passes through the torturous path of the mesh, forcing the flame to transfer its energy to the high surface area of the mesh, thereby quenching the deflagration and not allowing any flame to pass beyond the Interceptor® -QV® . All of this takes place passively and automatically governed by the laws of physics, there is no reliance on any electromechanical processes, to achieve this result.

The top advantage is the that a passive system is on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is nothing to arm and no power source required for the I-QV® to do its job.
Pressure drop monitoring - device has the ability to continually measure the pressure drop to let you know if the mesh cartridge should be changed.

Thermal sensing and signaling - monitoring to let you know if the unit has seen flame or a deflagration.

Replaceable mesh cartridge - removable mesh cartridge for easy maintenance without removing the device from the process.

Passive - no moving parts and no maintenance


Stainless Steel Mesh
The quenching cartridge is composed of stainless steel mesh, which absorbs energy to extinguish the deflagration.
Connection Barb

Connections for the tubes that connect back to the pressure differential switch