The Interceptor®-LT® is a NFPA compliant flameless venting device. Designed as an economical solution for flameless venting the I-LT features a painted carbon steel frame with stainless steel mesh insert.  The rectangular cross-section allows for maximum vent area and sleek installation.

Comprised of both the flame arrestor and explosion vent the Interceptor®-LT® can be rearmed in the field. The standard TLFG model explosion vent allows this flameless vent to be used on variety of difficult applications including pneumatic conveying, dust collection, dryers, bucket elevators, conveyors, and silos.

  • NFPA 68 Compliant
  • EN 16009 Certified
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  • Integrated burst indicator
  • Access door for vent inspection
  • Field refurbishable
  • TLFG explosion vent standard
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