Interceptor®-HRD Suppression Bottles

The Interceptor®-HRD Suppression Bottles are an ATEX approved and NFPA compliant solution for mitigating the effects of a combustible dust deflagration. These suppression bottles are similar in design to fire extinguishers: They are pressurized cylinders that contain a high-pressure propellent (Nitrogen) to expel a suppressant (typically baking soda) at a very rapid rate. These suppression bottles are installed on industrial machinery that handles combustible dust and acts as a safeguard for this equipment in the event that a dust deflagration does occur as they will be activated and will reduce the effects to a tolerable level.

Once activated, the suppression bottles will deploy suppressants creating a homogenous cloud inside the protected volume within milliseconds. The dust deflagration is then mitigated through two primary thermodynamic effects: First, the rapid rate of deployment causes the oxygen to become displaced from the combustion event thus starving the reaction and, secondly, the suppressant acts as a heat sink absorbing the heat of reaction thus interrupting the event short of full development.


  • Telescopic Nozzle
  • OSHA Lock out
  • Visual Pressure Gauge
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