DetEx® pressure detector

The DetEx® pressure detector uses a ceramic material embedded in a fluid at the end of each detection probe to measure the pressure within the process being protected. The detector has state-of-the-art programming for both dynamic detection and static detection. The detector programming includes a “floating zero” feature. The floating zero is designed to differentiate and adjust the activation point based on process fluctuations. This allows for minor pressure spikes within the protected process to have no effect on the pressures required by our system for activation. Each detector includes a process adaptor for easy installation. All DetEx® detectors feature data recording and can generate plots that provide second to second recording of the pressure inside the protected volume.
The DetEx® can come in a single or dual detector arrangement. The dual headed DetEx® includes two probes that can be programmed for a variety of different voting logics. The DetEx® pressure detector combined with the floating zero technology provides unsurpassed reliability and reaction for chemical suppression systems.


  • Floating zero-point algorithm
  • Dynamic activation pressure
  • Includes mounting hardware
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