Conex® Controller

The Conex® Controller is the brains behind the state-of-the-art Interceptor®-HRD suppression system. The Conex® Controller is where the detectors from the suppression system along with the suppression bottles themselves are electrical terminated. Programmed with state-of-the-art software and algorithms, the Conex® Controller provides real-time analysis of the process being protected as well as diagnostics of the Interceptor®-HRD suppression system.

In the event of a deflagration, the detector(s) connected to the system will transmit an activation signal to the Conex® where it will interpret the signal and then deploy the Interceptor®-HRD suppression bottles within milliseconds. User-friendly push buttons and HMI visual displays make it easy for operators to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and operate the system.

  • Visual HMI Display
  • Easy to use push navigation buttons
  • Programable relays for plant communications

Any Interceptor®-HRD™ system<

Expandable from 2-Zones to 8-Zones

Data Sheet

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