Multi Gas Detection

Numerous fires and explosions could have been prevented by early detection.

These fires and explosions can result in product loss, downtime, or worse. The Multiple Gas Detection (MGD) system is a FM-approved solution for early fire detection.

Multiple Gas Detection is the Solution for Early Detection of Fires.

MGD technology, originally developed for aerospace, is based on the detection of fire related gases. The MGD-detector can be described as an “electronic nose.” Through intelligent analysis of several different gas combinations, the detector can identify fire at a very early stage.

Multiple Alarm Functionality

The MGD detector can be provided with multiple alarm functionality and tailored to each customers’ specific needs. A pre-alarm indication from the detector offers the earliest warning signal of an incipient fire.

Multiple Gas Detection

Multiple Gas Detectors show that it is possible to identify an ongoing pyrolysis process at an earlier stage than traditional smoke or flame detection. This faster response can help address fires and explosions when they are still at a manageable stage.


Early Warning Detection

Designed to give early warning for combustion the ceramic sensor can detect different gases (CO, CO2, etc.). Advanced algorithms identify unique gas patterns and can “learn” to ignore non-dangerous combustion gases. Calibration intervals can be up to every 10 years.

Multiple Gas Detection (MGD)

The MGD detector contains extremely sensitive sensors that react quickly on the gases released in a very early stage of a fire, even before the presence of visible smoke or flames.

Designed to be used in extremely harsh environments the MGD can be applied to applications like storage silos, conveying systems, dryers, electrical rooms, turbines, and building compartments.

Features include low maintenance requirements, installation brackets, and network ability.


The most advanced prevention control system in the world offers the ability to monitor multiple gas detection, spark detection, and quick suppression systems with IntuVision™. Its modular design and decentralized system architecture allows it to handle single applications to entire processing facilities.

IntuVision™ is an intelligent operator interface that provides users with a clear, informative information and user friendly menus.

Features include the ability for remote monitoring, networking connections, and interlocking relays.