Ventex® Float Valve

The Ventex® is an NFPA compliant passive isolation device designed to prevent the propagation of deflagration in a duct or pipeline. This NFPA 69 compliant float valve features a painted carbon steel body with a floating disc in the middle of the valve.

The Ventex® isolation valve is designed to operate by closing when the pressure wave of the explosion slams and locks the valve shut. During an upset condition, the regular flow is interrupted and a deflagration’s pressure wave causes the floating disc to close shut, effectively preventing the dust deflagration from propagating to interconnected equipment or areas. The Ventex® valve is ideal for use for light dust loading or clean air isolation applications on a variety of different process equipment. Examples include dust collectors, cyclones, mills, pneumatic conveying receivers, and dryers.

  • NFPA 69 Compliant
  • EN 1127-1 Certified
  • In accordance with FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 7-76


  • Single or double-acting valve
  • Resettable on field
  • High Kst applications
  • Rated for containment
  • Metal dust approval
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