Water Spray Nozzle

Used for spark detection systems, the water spray nozzles prevent fire and explosions before they occur. They are paired with passive IR detectors and an Eximio Control unit. They are made of brass and are offered with different water pressure speeds.

The water spray nozzle system has PowerImpact™ Extinguishing, which can cover ducts and chutes up to 98” in diameter with a velocity up to 164 ft/s. The reaction time for the water spray, after detection is less than 70 ms. The full cone water spray nozzles have a spray angle of 110° each. The nozzles release large water droplets for momentum and penetration. The system includes quick release and flexible hoses, which make it simple to test the system without releasing water into the process.

  • VdS 2841 and 2132 Approved
  • EN 12799 Certified
  • NFPA Approved


  • Full Cone Water Nozzles with Quick Coupling
  • Solenoid Valves – Servo Operated
  • Strainer to filter water particles
  • Lockable Ball Value
  • PowerImpact™ Extinguishing
  • Flexible Hoses
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