The Interceptor®-VE® is an NFPA 69 compliant isolation pinch valve solution to prevent the propagation of a deflagration in a duct or pipeline. The Interceptor®-VE® is an NFPA 69 compliant valve with a natural rubber bladder that inflates with the release of compressed air from high speed solenoid valves, instantaneously closing the valve.

Upon receiving a signal from a pressure detector, optical detector, or explosion vent the Interceptor®-VE® valve is designed to rapidly close. The medium for actuation is plant-compressed air stored in a tank on the valve to ensure the fastest response possible under any plant conditions. With little vendor support required and no protrusion into the duct, the Interceptor®-VE® is ideal for almost any system, including pneumatic conveying systems, dust collection systems, cyclones, mills, and storage vessels.

  • NFPA 69 Compliant
  • EN 15089 Certified
  • FM 7-76 Compliant


  • Triggered from pressure detectors, optical detectors, or explosion vents
  • Single controller can monitor multiple valves
  • CAN-BUS Controller capability
  • Resettable on field
  • Food grade natural rubber bladder
  • Up to 16” in size
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