Quick Suppression System

Water mist suppression systems have remarkable flame suppression capabilities.

A quick suppression system is a fixed automatic discharge fire suppression system that includes a flame detector, a water mist suppression, and a control system. The system enables both a quick system response time and a fast extinguishing response. A quick suppression system is truly a revolutionary solution for the suppression of fires and flames around critical machinery or high-risk areas.

Quick Suppression Systems Complete Response Time is Within 1 -3 Seconds

The Quick Suppression Systems have remarkable flame suppression capabilities, utilizing a very small amount of water. The unique design of the hydraulic system enables a very quick system response time.

Intelligent Flame Detection

Infrared Flame Detectors

Infrared flame detectors are insensitive to daylight allowing them be utilized in open areas or around process equipment with immunity to false detections. A variety of different intelligent detectors provide superior detection of fires and flames.

Specific detectors are available for protection of conveyor systems, ovens, mills, presses, sanders, and other process equipment. The quick response time ensures timely extinguishing for limited damage of any process system.

Features include quick access process adaptors, large viewing angle, quick connect detector cable, and automatic lens checking.


Intelligent Control System


The most advanced prevention control system in the world offers the ability to monitor multiple gas detection, spark detection, and quick suppression systems with IntuVision™. Its modular design and decentralized system architecture allows it to handle single applications to entire processing facilities.

IntuVision™ is an intelligent operator interface that provides users with a clear, informative information and user friendly menus.

Features include the ability for remote monitoring, networking connections, and interlocking relays.

Water Extinguishing

Water Mist Nozzles

Water mist nozzle are designed for efficient suppression with less water to minimize the cooling effect on process equipment during a fire.

Spark Detection

Intelligent Spark Detection

Gas Detection

Multiple Gas Detection