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NFPA Changes & What They Mean For Combustible Dust Safety

Jason Krbec, Engineering Manager at CV Technology, spoke at the 2021 Global Dust Safety Conference. In his keynote, Krbec explained why combustible dust standards were being consolidated, went over the events leading up to the formation of NFPA 652 and 660, and emphasized why it’s important to change at this time.

Jason started the presentation by explaining that NFPA 660 is currently in the process of being created. In 2006, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board published an extensive report about combustible dust. This report, which outlined events that had been reported over a span of approximately 25 years, brought combustible dust hazards to the attention of North American safety professionals.

“It took real hold here in the United States with OSHA,” Jason says. “OSHA saw the CSB report in 2007 and basically decided, “Hey, we need to start looking at what we do about this combustible dust problem in industrial facilities here.” And that gave birth to a national emphasis program.”

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