TLFG Explosion Vent

A versatile explosion vent design, the TLFG is specially designed to handle any application or process. The composite, domed vent construction provides high vacuum resistance and high pressure cycling resistance. They can also be paired with a flameless vent to provide indoor venting or ducted to a safe area through a duct.

The TLFG explosion vent is domed composite explosion vent. Three layer comprise the explosion vent with 304 stainless steel product contact and PTFE sealant layer. Features include an integrated burst indicator and a variety of gasket materials.

  • NFPA 68 Compliant
  • EN 14797 Compliant


  • Integrated burst indicator
  • Composite design
  • Food grade construction
  • 304 stainless steel
  • High cycling resistance
  • High vacuum resistance
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