The jaw-dropping evolution of CV Technology’s Interceptor®-VE® is stunning. While CV Technology’s Interceptor®-VE®, an NFPA 69 compliant isolation pinch valve, has flawlessly secured vessels for the past 17 years, responding with milliseconds to triggers from explosion vents, the latest update features a faster response time, increased integration with intelligent systems, closer placement to the vessel to improve ease in installation, and a remarkable reduction in cost.

The evolved Interceptor®-VE® responds to explosion vents, optical detectors, and pressure detectors at a 20% faster speed. Fully integrated, the Interceptor®-VE® communicates with the Lumex® Optical Detector, the Detex® Pressure Detector, and the Conex® Controller. This synchronicity to the Conex® Controller offers engineers and plant operators immediate insights into conditions and data signals, a clear technological advantage. In addition to upgrades in speed and adaptability, the evolved VE is also easier to install, allowing closer proximity to the vessel. With a 20% faster response time, integration capabilities, integrated system design, and easer installation,   engineers will find this advanced Interceptor®-VE® a more intelligent and economical choice.

Fail-Safe Design

The I-VE® valve has excellent reliability through its fail-safe design. Low-pressure signaling or loss of power both fail-safe trip the valve to shut in order to keep your process protected.

Air Operated

The I-VE® valve features a stored air reservoir for quick operation. The tank includes a pressure switch, pressure gauge, and a regulator.

High-Speed Solenoid Valves

Dual high-speed solenoid valves allow the Interceptor ® -VE® valve to shut up to 20% faster than previous generation isolation valves for shorter installation distances.

Installation Flexibility

Flexible port connections on the air reservoir allow for field relocation of the drain valve. This feature allows the valve to be installed in a variety of orientations including bidirectionally or even inverted.

Food Grade Bladder

The food-grade natural rubber bladder features the ability to remotely monitor sits function and can be quickly field replaced with the I-VE® valves unique clamshell design.