Eximio Spark Detection

The Intelligent True IR-Detector

  • Precision detection of sparks and hot particles in milliseconds
  • Insensitive to daylight and minimized false positives
  • An intelligent connected system with integrated self-diagnostics features

Full-Cone Water Spray Extinguishing

  • Powerful extinguishing with full cone water nozzles
  • Unique nozzle design and placement
  • For penetrating the material flow and cover the entire cross section
  • Activated within milliseconds after detection

System Structure

EXIMIO is based on a network structure where detection, extinguishing and control functionalities are connected to the network through locally placed hubs. Whenever needed, additional protection zones can be added to the network. Even operator interface(s) can be added at any chosen location in the process without the expensive entry cost required by conventional suppliers.

The system is thus decentralized, providing the advantage of shorter cable lengths, but offers at the same time the advantages of a centralized system by allowing the operator to control the system from any chosen location.

The EXIMIO system can be integrated with the customers’ operating and control systems.

The EXIMIO system has incredible advantages over traditional fire safety systems.  A few noteworthy differences are:

  • Simple, cost-effective and easy installation
  • Easy to extend the system and add zones or functionality without pre-defined limits
  • Shorter cable lengths


IntuVision™ is the operator interface of the EXIMIO system.
It provides a clear, informative, and user friendly overview of the installed protection zones and their status. Additionally, several optional software packages can be added to the system to open up new possibilities.

  • Easy to understand
  • Full overview of protection zones and system status
  • Quickly navigate from general overview to detailed information
  • Possibility to integrate drawings


EXIMIO provides information on the system and safety status through practical online reporting functions. The RiskStatistics™ report provides a summary of events and trends during a chosen time period combined with detailed status information on all system
functionalities where available. Additionally, status information from multiple production sites can be centrally monitored.

EXIMIO also simplifies system service and maintenance through multiple smart functions. It notifies when it’s time to perform scheduled maintenance and provides easy-to-understand guides on how to perform these tasks. The EXIMIO online functionality also provides possibilities for our team to provide remote support.

EXIMIO InfoLED™ are visual indicators on detectors and other key parts of the system. Through color-coding, direct communication between these system parts and the operator is made possible. This is yet another feature that truly makes EXIMIO the most user-friendly system on the market.