The Interceptor®-SG® explosion isolation valve is designed to prevent explosion propagation from one vessel to another through interconnected piping. The explosion isolation slide gate is a compliant solution for both NFPA 69 and FM 7-76.

The isolation valve is a normally open device, however upon receiving a signal from a pressure detector, the Interceptor®-SG® explosion isolation valve is designed to rapidly close. The medium for actuation is plant-compressed air stored in a tank on the valve to ensure the fastest response possible under any plant conditions. The valve closure principle is a slide gate that closes when a high speed solenoid valve changes state releasing the compressed air.

Air Operated
The Interceptor®-SG™ is a completely air operated valve. It can be rearmed at the controls after an activation without any rebuild or ignitor replacement. A series of three solenoid valves direct air from the built in air tank to fast close, slow close, or open the valve.

Fail Safe Design
The Interceptor®-SG™ features fail safe functions if the valve ever loses power or supply air. If power is lost the valve will fail safe into a slow close position. Air is stored in the internal tank of the valve. However, if air supply is lost and air storage drops below a threshold the valve will also fail safe into a slow close position.

NFPA 69 Compliant
The Interceptor®-SG™ is a compliant solution in NFPA 69 and is compliant for FM 7-76. The slide gate system has an ATEX approval for isolation of a variety of different types of dusts.

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Advantages of the Interceptor®-SG® Explosion Isolation Gate

  • NFPA 68 compliant design
  • Bore, Guide ring, & Gaskets can be replaced
  • Avoid abrasion issues; isolates pneumatic systems
  • Remote monitoring of air supply
  • Easy, accessible pressure gauge
  • Access plate for easy maintenance
  • No igniter swap or check needed
  • Inductive sensors offer signaling
  • FM and ATEX approved