Interceptor®-LT™ Flameless Vents

The Interceptor®-LT™ is comprised of two parts, a rectangular explosion vent and a quencher. The quencher consists of two cartridges, assembled with various layers of stainless steel mesh that absorbs the flame and hot gases during a combustion event.

During a deflagration, the quencher takes over to absorb the heat from the flame and hot gases. The mesh then acts as a heat sink to quench the temperature and break the chain reaction, effectively interrupting the explosion in mid-stream. As the hot gases contract, the Interceptor®-LT™ acts as a vacuum breaker by allowing free entry of cool air to achieve equilibrium in the protected vessel.


Flameless vents can be used on a variety of process equipment. These vents are ideally designed to be used on equipment located indoors since they eliminate the release of a flame ball. Flameless vents are ideal for pneumatic conveying equipment, dust collectors, bins, cyclones, bucket elevator, mills, silos, and dryers.

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Advantages of the Interceptor®-LT® Flameless Vents:

  • NFPA 68 compliant design
  • Flame arresting design so that no flame escapes
  • No process contamination
  • Negligible pressure and temperature rise
  • Safe for indoor venting or venting in occupied areas
  • Passive solution
  • USDA certified versions available
  • Low maintenance and economic refurbishment
  • ATEX approved