Combustible Dust Survey

Combustible Dust Survey

It can be overwhelming to make sure your process equipment is protected in accordance with the latest codes and standards.  A process hazard analysis (PHA) is the ideal starting place to identify the hazards and risks associated with combustible dust in a process.   CV Technology can assist with a combustible dust survey to help implement a dust explosion mitigation strategy for your facility.  CV Technology combustible dust engineers have decades of experience in designing explosion mitigation systems.   Contact CV Technology to schedule a walkthrough of your facility with a factory direct combustible dust engineer.

A combustible dust survey can provide you with a path forward for action items from your process hazard analysis:

  • Dust Testing – we can recommend what dust samples need to be tested.
  • Process Equipment Mitigation Selection – we can help you identify the ideal protection scheme for your process equipment to meet the latest codes and standards while also providing the most practical solution.
  • Explosion Prevention Selection – we can help you with the proper infrared detection systems to limit hot particles and sparks as potential ignition sources.

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