Spark Detection

Superior Intelligent Detection

The goal of an infrared detection system is to eliminate a potential ignition source from the process. As an integral part of dust explosion mitigation, these systems are composed of two components, detectors and action items. Detectors can be in the form of infrared detectors or spark detectors, and will depend on the application on which it will be utilized. Their purpose is to spot potential deflagration ignition sources, in the form of hot bodies or sparks. Again, depending on the application, a certain action item will be selected to prevent the ignition source from reaching the protected vessel, after receiving a warning from the detectors. They can be in the form of extinguishing zones, slide-gate valves, knife-gate valves, CO2 injection and others.

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Infrared detection can be used on a variety of process equipment. Typical applications include dust collectors and pneumatic conveying equipment. Applications where the process equipment commonly produces sparks or hot particles are the important areas for infrared detection. Mills, dryers, and bucket elevators are often the most critical locations for infrared detection.

  • Multi-zone controls to monitor several processes
  • True infrared detection available that limits false detections
  • NFPA 69 compliant design
  • Variety of action items including water spray and abort gates