Passive solutions like explosion venting offer the highest level of reliability for explosion mitigation. However, traditional Explosion Venting can be difficult for a variety of reasons:

  • No safe path for a flame ball exhaust
  • Costly explosion vent ducts required
  • Limited access for vent ducts to be located

The Interceptor®-LT® has two basic functions.  One is to relieve the pressure during an explosion and the other is to retain the flame from an explosion.  The Interceptor®-LT® solves the issues potentially associated for explosion venting by provided a flame arrestor on the discharge of the explosion vent to limit the effects of the flame ball exhaust.   Layers of stainless steel mesh in the flame arrestor quenches the explosion as it develops and retains the flame and dust inside the device.  This allows the Interceptor®-LT® to be used indoors or in occupied areas.

The device itself is composed of a painted carbon steel frame, an explosion vent, and a stainless steel flame arrestor.  CV Technology offers the Interceptor®-LT® in four different sizes for a variety of applications.


The Interceptor®-LT™ is comprised of two parts, a rectangular explosion vent and a quencher. The quencher consists of two cartridges, assembled with various layers of stainless steel mesh that absorbs the flame and hot gases during a combustion event.

During a deflagration, the quencher takes over to absorb the heat from the flame and hot gases. The mesh then acts as a heat sink to quench the temperature and break the chain reaction, effectively interrupting the explosion in mid-stream. As the hot gases contract, the Interceptor®-LT™ acts as a vacuum breaker by allowing free entry of cool air to achieve equilibrium in the protected vessel.


Flameless vents can be used on a variety of process equipment. These vents are ideally designed to be used on equipment located indoors since they eliminate the release of a flame ball. Flameless vents are ideal for pneumatic conveying equipment, dust collectors, bins, cyclones, bucket elevator, mills, silos, and dryers.

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Advantages of the Interceptor®-LT® Flameless Vents:

  • NFPA 68 compliant design
  • Flame arresting design so that no flame escapes
  • No process contamination
  • Negligible pressure and temperature rise
  • Safe for indoor venting or venting in occupied areas
  • Passive solution
  • USDA certified versions available
  • Low maintenance and economic refurbishment
  • ATEX approved