Interceptor®-HRD™ Chemical Suppression and Isolation

The Interceptor®-HRD™ chemical suppression and isolation system is designed to provide an active method to protect process system equipment from a dust explosion hazard. The fundamental operation of the Interceptor®-HRD™ system is detection of the pressure rise during the initial stage of an explosion, followed by fast injection and homogeneous distribution of an extinguishing agent into the protected vessel. The chemical suppression system consists of a controller, pressure or optical detectors, and the high rate discharge (HRD) bottles. As a deflagration develops, the pressure inside the vessel will begin to build rapidly. The DetEx pressure detector will detect the rate of pressure rise over a certain time period and activate the High Rate Discharge bottles. Once activated, the HRD bottles will disperse suppressant into the protected vessel inhibiting the explosion from further developing, thus reducing the pressure and preventing any vessel breach.

Chemical suppression and isolation equipment can be used on a variety of process equipment including as isolation for ductwork. Suppression systems are ideal for pneumatic conveying equipment, dust collectors, bins, cyclones, bucket elevator, mills, silos, fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, and pipes.

Advantages of the Interceptor®-HRD™ Suppression and Isolation System:

  • NFPA 69 compliant design
  • Integrated OSHA lockout
  • Micro Gas Generator (MGG) actuator limits maintenance
  • Advanced pressure detector technology that monitors and adjusts to your process
  • Multi-zone controller for advanced systems
  • Data recording for real time pressure monitoring