Explosion Protection

Recent history has shown us that a single ignition of dust can render a facility useless for weeks, months, or indefinitely. Current statistics estimate that approximately 2-3 dust explosions occur in various facilities in the U.S. per day with a major dust explosion happening every 20 years. Plants that handle powders and bulk solids are even more susceptible. Understanding and preventing these dangerous events is one of the most challenging tasks facing companies today. CV Technology is devoted to the prevention, protection, and mitigation of industrial dust explosions and related fires. Over the years in the industry, we have become one of the world leaders in superior fire and explosion protection design.

Safety and continuity of process are of major value to all companies. The fine particulate materials and production methods commonly used put factories, equipment, process, and employees at risk for catastrophe. The proper strategy for dust explosion protection is unique per situation, per factory, per process, and per company. In order to achieve maximum benefit, each situation must be approached with a clean slate. Every implementation we complete is custom tailored to the specific requirements and conditions within the operation. Anything less is sacrificing optimal result and adding to the risk rather than decreasing it. By minimizing the amount of risk in environments that are susceptible to ignite a dust explosion and implementing the right equipment in the right places, CV Technology provides piece of mind to your company’s employees and business process.

In addition to our knowledge in the field of explosions and related fires, we are also business people and understand economics. In today’s business climate it is vitally important to protect existing processes in a manner that is effective and economical.