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    CV Technology specializes in complete explosion protection solutions for the prevention and mitigation of explosion hazards that result from process powders and dry bulk materials. Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, CV Technology manufacturers various explosion mitigation products including explosion vents, isolation valves, flameless vents, and chemical suppression equipment.
  • It can be overwhelming to make sure your process equipment is protected in accordance with the latest codes and standards. Contact CV Technology today and a combustible dust engineer and/or local representative will schedule a walkthrough of your process. CV Technology can provide piece of mind to your company’s employees and business.

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  • Need more information about combustible dusts, codes and standards or mitigation methods? Contact CV Technology today and a combustible dust engineer will contact you to schedule a “lunch and learn” event. Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, we can schedule a presentation to maximize your time and educate your personnel on the topics or products you are interested in. Click Here to Learn More...
  • Conventional explosion venting relieves the pressure and exhausts the flame while mitigating the effects of a dust explosion. However, process equipment and storage vessels are often located indoors or in areas that cannot safely exhaust a flame ball. Flameless venting devices overcome the limitations of conventional explosion venting to provide a safe, passive mitigation system for indoor process equipment.

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  • CV Technology offers a variety of tests to help you understand the hazards associated with your combustible dust or hybrid mixture. Dust testing is essential to understand the nature of your dust and what mitigation methods are possible. Contact us for a dust test proposal or to discuss what dust can be tested.

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Our Lastest News

10Jun 2016

CV Technology is proud to announce the addition of a new explosion isolation valve to our product lineup.   We have added the Ventex® Explosion Isolation float valve to provide another passive explosion isolation option.  The Ventex® valve is a flow actuated valve that can isolate in a single or dual direction.    The valve can be used for pressure containment applications and is offered in either carbon or stainless steel. The Ventex® valve is ATEX certified and NFPA 69 compliant.

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